About Leather - Warning - All Leather is not the same

Would you want your leather suite to be made from pig skin?

Years ago a leather suite was a guarantee of craftsmanship and quality.  These days there can be a huge difference between one leather suite and another.  Two sofas that look the same in a brochure or advert may have huge differences in quality of leather that is used.  Many larger companies (and quite a few smaller ones) like to offer what seem to be incredibly cheap leather sofas.

Such low price sofas are made with very low grade leather. In fact many are not even made with using cow hide. It may sound incredible but many of these these special offer models are made with pig/goat leather.  Generally such skins will last 2-4 years with light to medium wear. In the trade such skins are often called buffalo hide and are at the bottom of the price scale.

How do I tell if a suite is made with genuine hide or pig/goat skin?

Generally low grade leather will not feel very soft or luxurious and have a very  stiff plastic like feel to it. It can be impossible to be sure so always ask the salesperson for advice.  Whilst such hides can be O.K. for TV rooms/ buy to let etc they are not a good idea to be used in main room that get heavy use (if you use this type of leather every day you may soon find yourself buying a  new suite quicker than you expected).

Most of all do not buy a suite in a low grade leather with the idea that you are getting a bargain.  These are cheap products at cheap prices. Remember the old adage you get what you pay for is often true.

At leather sofa Company we specialise in high grade real hide on designer branded ranges. Our prices are often low because we buy in bulk and pay cash up front.

Please feel free to ask us any questions you have about the  leather suites in our range ( or anyone else for that matter). We will make sure you get the right suite for your budget/ lifestyle etc. and make sure you get the right advice on which leather to buy.

Types of Real Leather

There are several main types of leather all listed below. Every suite has leather type description to let you know what type of quality you are purchasing. For more information feel free to ring or e mail us. Remember we have been dealing in leather furniture for over 20 years and can answer any questions you may have.

Corrected grain

The most basic type of leather available. Corrected grain has a coated finish that creates a very uniform feel with a strong protective coating. Corrected grain has a fairly soft finish but it is not a luxurious as higher grades and is the favoured type of leather in well known furniture stores. Corrected grain is a good choice for those who want a good hard wearing leather that can be wiped clean at a very keen price.

Fine grain/semi-aniline

Detail of Leather
Double Thickness Real Hide

A very soft smooth buffed hide ideal for those who want a soft warm inviting feel. Ideal on modern suites and soft sit designs. Fine grain leather is well protected and good for everyday use whilst being much softer and more luxurious than standard coated leather.

Double thickness

As indicated twice the thickness of normal hide and extremely durable. Looks fantastic on larger suites and square designs. Double thickness hide has a heavy grain and is very well protected and exceptionally good for everyday/ heavy use. Recent innovations in leather tanning mean you can now have thicker leather with a softer luxurious feel. Over the past 12-18 months the popularity of this tyoe of leather has  grown and grown. In the past extra thick or double thickness leather had quite a heavy feel but now you can have the best of both worlds. Thickness for strength and durabilty but with a luxury soft feel to enhance the comfort and feel of the suite.

Extra thick hide

Very similar to double thickness hide but about 1.5 times thicker than normal leather.  A good choice hard wearing hide that is exceptional value for money.

Natural waxed hide

 Pull up hide is totally authentic with variations, natural features (such as original scarring) all part of the appeal. Pull up hide will lighten on areas that are scratched (this is the wax or oil separating) but will re-colour when rubbed or  specialist cream applied. Generally has a light protective coating. A  great leather for those who are looking for a totally natural exceptionally soft look and feel.

Full aniline leather

The softest most luxurious leather available anywhere today. Full aniline is 100% natural hide without any coating and has a gorgeous look and beautiful feel to it. It is a perfect leather for  those who want the ultimate in looks and comfort. Full anline leather has only a very light protective coating but is fully dyed so does not scratch like waxed hide. We recommend you apply protection cream to this leather at least four times a year.

Remember all we sell is leather with prices ranging from £799 (3 seater and 2 seater) to £3000 plus so we can cater for you whatever your needs and budget. Call in and see us or send us an email. We can give you honest  and practical advice on which is the best leather for you based on 22 years experience selling the Worlds top branded leather ranges.